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What about BikeTag in my city?

Our mission is to make the game of BikeTag easy for anyone to play and to support games of BikeTag all over the world. To that goal, we created BikeTag.Org and maintain the Open Source code that runs the website. We help integrate with existing BikeTag games and we help create new ones.

The BikeTag Ambassador Program connects players of the game with the BikeTag team and gives those people access to resources for running games on BikeTag,Org. We provide resources to connect with other BikeTag Ambassadors all over the world, and to help you keep the games running smoothly.

Would you like to learn more about the BikeTag Ambassador program and maybe start a new game of BikeTag in your area?
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About The BikeTag Game

BikeTag is a mystery photo tag game played on bicycles. BikeTag.Org is a place for people to see the most recent Bike Tags in their city and participate in the game in an easy and simple way, without needing to login to anything. The origins of the game of BikeTag, as far as we have been able to track, put the game in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2007. BikeTag on Reddit was started on in 2011 on /r/BikingATX, that was then adopted by /r/bikeLA, that was then adopted by /r/chibike. The game in /r/CyclePDX was created in 2016 and this website was created in 2018 as a tool for the game in Portland, Oregon.

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